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Submission Guidelines

Content submissions that will not be posted:
  • Does not follow current masking guidance
  • Residents who are not appropriately groomed
  • Pictures include team members out of uniform (unless
  • it is a special event like spirit week, ugly sweater contest, a special t-shirt during CNA week, etc)
  • Group pictures that do not have a clear story, message or purpose
  • Shows environment that is NOT clean, neat and well-maintained
  • Any submissions with images that have residents with bruising, injuries or medical equipment/devices showing. (e.g. Urinary
  • bags, etc).
    • We understand that falls and bruising do occur, but this is not what we want to post. Remember that resident dignity is one of our main priorities
Before submitting a post, ask yourself:
  • What if this were about me?
  • If this were about my loved one, would I be okay with the content?
  • If I weren’t in Senior Living, would this make sense?

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