Wingspan exists to help our clients perform better. We do this by helping them earn the trust of their customers. We know that each client is different and every problem requires fresh thinking and a perfectly executed solution. Our wide array of services can be tailored to meet your specific needs.


Brand Identity & Design

Develop the face of your brand. Establish the look, feel, tone of voice and characteristics that define your organization..

Brand Strategy

A clearly defined brand strategy informs how you go to market, and helps you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Market Research

Knowing what your target consumer wants, needs, or responds to is key in developing a sound marketing strategy.

Public Relations

Publicity, free (earned) media exposure, and strategic communications are all vital to your overall marketing efforts.


When stock photography just can’t say it, we offer custom professional photography.


Web Design & Development

A beautifully built and properly maintained responsive website is critical to engaging and informing your target consumer.

SEO, Analytics & Insights

Search engine optimization, search analytics, and the insights derived from the data they provide strengthen marketing efforts, and allows for more concentrated targeting.

Custom CRM Integrations

Realtime integration of incoming leads into your existing CRM that allows your team to track exactly when and where sales are coming from – and how to adjust for maximum efficacy.

Intelligent Call Tracking

Employ smart call tracking that provides real time data from the lead source as well as customized AI that aids in qualifying leads based on voice keywords in the conversation.

Content Management

We can maintain and update your web assets as needed. We’ll help you create and manage digital content.

Marketing Automation

Inform and engage leads and customers with automated content that drives conversions and optimizes consumer experience.


Creative Development

Differentiate your brand in the market by utilizing creative leverage to outsmart your competition, not outspend them.

Search Engine Marketing

Stay relevant to interested consumers by utilizing all the search marketing tools at your disposal. We bring you one click away with Google certified PPC & retargeting campaigns.

Mobile Marketing

With the ever increasing rise of mobile media consumption, we can help you engage your target in the palm of their hand.

Social Media

Create conversations and engage your target using social media content and advertising as part of your overall brand strategy.

Media Services

Engage your targets where they consume media. No matter where that is – TV, print or web – we can deliver your message in the proper medium.