The Client

David Alvey Custom Outdoor Living designs and develops unique world-class outdoor living projects. Their team’s reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and forward-thinking design keeps their services in high demand among homeowners with discerning tastes, but they’re never satisfied – forever chasing perfection.

The Goal

The Alvey team approached Wingspan in need of a website that truly represented the quality, care and taste that goes into each and every project they touch, while also serving as a functional tool to help educate potential clients about their process, as it initiates new potential projects with truly interested candidates

The Strategy

Through research and client input, we dug into their business and helped identify and lean into the niche that generates the vast majority of their business. We guided them through the best way to convey their collaborative design process, and how we can align the beauty and intelligence of their work with the people most likely to want it.

The Outcome

Wingspan equipped a beautifully designed new website for DAO that not only showcases the brilliant elegance of their work – but also helps filter potential new clients who fit the unique niche the DAO team serves.

David Alvey Custom Outdoor Living

Website Design • Branding

Dave Alvey Website
Dave Alvey Logo on Green
Dave Alvey Logo on Black