The Client

Varcity by McNair Living is a real estate development company that partners with America’s most prestigious universities to build and operate on-campus intergenerational developments. Their innovative symbiotic approach to residential living eliminates generational separation and reinvents campus life.

The Goal

Varcity engaged Wingspan to help build a brand identity around their mission to serve lifelong learners and create communities that embrace intergenerational living. The brand needed a full complement of assets to promote their Intergenerational Centers of Excellence, beginning with their first community at Purdue University.

The Strategy

Wingspan developed Varcity’s brand platform around the notion of “Campus life… for life.” This motto simply and powerfully expresses their mission to promote intergenerational living. We tapped into their belief that bringing older and younger people together can help solve some of our society’s most pressing issues.

The Outcome

The Varcity brand is now equipped with visual guidelines, a fully responsive website, and flexible sales collateral that can adapt with each new university with whom they partner. They are well positioned to grow as they continue to partner with new schools and promote existing communities to potential residents.

Varcity by McNair Living

Branding • Website Design • Lead Integration • Collateral • Digital Media • Print