The Client

Varcity by McNair Living is a real estate development company that partners with America’s most prestigious universities to build and operate on-campus intergenerational developments. Their innovative symbiotic approach to residential living eliminates generational separation and reinvents campus life.

The Goal

Armed with a mission to change perceptions from within the senior living system, Varcity provides a new way of thinking about aging and a commitment to curbing ageism. Wingspan was tasked with creating a cohesive brand platform to help the Varcity team bring this new residential solution to market.

The Strategy

In collaboration with Varcity’s founders, we helped solidify their brand tenets and developed communications to convey their passion for a truly groundbreaking approach to intergenerational living.

The Outcome

In a tight time frame, the Wingspan team assisted in creating a visual brand ecosystem that includes a flexible solution for each new Varcity community as well as succinct messaging to drive home the difference between Varcity and traditional senior living.

Varcity by McNair Living

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